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Sherlock 6.85

Sherlock 6.85

Introduction SHERLOCK:

an electronic documentation and retrieval system, has been available since 1995 and is now used in our agencies worldwide.

What is New since Version 6.5

SHERLOCK can be installed on Microsoft Windows Vista.


The many comments of our users have been incorporated and the altered requirements of the system environment taken into account in the new version of SHERLOCK. Particularly noteworthy is that version 6.0 supports the new Heidelberg Client v2.

SHERLOCK 6 builds on and complements the existing functions focused on Postpress that are required both during service work direct on site and also in technical clarification at the agencies.

The most important new features

Heidelberg Postpress: New funstions of Sherlock adapted to the new quality and quantity of the Postpress database.

Heidelberg-Client Adapted to meet current system environments, i.e. complete Windows XP compatibility and support of the Heidelberg Client v2.

Notes: Inside the notes to a part/drawing you are now able to save other kind of electronical information like Word-, PDF-, Excel-, Access, HTML-files or screenshots. Notes are saved inside the filesystem, e.g. for easy handling and exchangable.

Stock: Intranet-APO stock is no more available in the HEIDELBERG infrastructure and is removed out of Sherlock. Therefore the SAP-APO stock query is adapted to our worlwide SAP warehousing system

Structure of the HEIDELBERG Partnumber: Some new structures of HEIDELBERG Partnumbers (Postpress) are available

Frequently ask questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions on SHERLOCK, you should visit our FAQ database in the Intranet. You can find it at in our Service Portel within the PRESS section.

The database contains numerous tips and tricks that make it easier to work with SHERLOCK on a daily basis.

Screen Resolution

SHERLOCK supports the following screen resolutions:


1024*768 (recommended)


By double-clicking on the title bar you can switch between a full-screen display and the next resolution level.

Note: The screen resolution 640*480 is no longer supported in SHERLOCK 5.

Function Keys

The following table lists all the function keys with their assignment:


Keys Function
F1 Online-Help
F2 Add part to the shopping list
F3 Alternative part search
F4 ScratchPad
F6 Additional information about the context
F9 Additional information about the part
F10 Variant check for the part
Ctrl-F5 Search context
Ctrl-F6 Parts list
Ctrl-F7 Bill of material
Ctrl-F8 Parts catalogue
Ctrl-F9 Catalogue view
Ctrl-F10 Alternative part search
Ctrl-F11 Assembly compare
Ctrl-F12 ScratchPad